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"The goal of early childhood education
should be to activate the child's own
natural desire to learn"
Maria Montessori
Infant Program (6 weeks-15 Months)


There are sixteen full-time spaces in the Infant Rooms with a ratio of 4 students to 1 Caregiver. Basic infant developmental philosophies and materials are introduced in the Infant rooms. Materials that focus on Cognitive, Social-Emotional, and Behavioral Development are essential for infants. Each child is given one-on-one attention with the materials. Caregivers sing songs, read books, and communicate frequently with infants to help aid visual, auditory, and language development.


Each child keeps their own individual feeding and sleeping schedule, which is planned by parents and caregivers. Updates are posted live throughout the child's day in the Brightwheel app (click to learn more). Parents supply formula, puree's/cereals, diapers, diaper wipes, and bottles.

Toddler Program (15 Months-24 Months)

There are fifteen full-time spaces in the Toddler Room with a ratio of 5 students to 1 Caregiver. Pre-Montessori materials and philosophy are used in this program and other activities such as group circle time and art projects are introduced. “Work time” is started in this classroom. Work time will include puzzles, shape sorting, color matching, painting, the introduction of basic vocabulary, and the introduction of basic Montessori materials in the sensorial areas.


Montessori and Practical Life encourages toddlers to be more independent and reach their full potential at their own pace. Children in this program begin to learn responsibility for their eating area after meals and snacks, cleaning up after free-play, and for the care of their environment. Toilet training may take place with the older children in this age group who show interest in our Toddler toilet. Parents will supply pull-ups or cloth training underwear, diaper wipes, indoor and outdoor shoes, and extra clothing. The Center will provide a hot lunch and two snacks per day (including whole milk) once the child begins to eat table food.

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